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Ramset Fastening Systems

Ramset fastening systems offer the latest in drill bits, screws and fasteners, anchors, tools, loads and pins for the building and construction industry. Ramset Fasteners are durable and very easy to use, and theuy have been the leader in the development of actuated fastening systems for over 50 years. Screw Doctor has the following Ramset products:
    Drill bits ensure the precise drilling of pilot holes when installing anchors.

  • Screws and Fasteners
  • Self-drilling screws and fasteners are optimum for medium duty steel applications and can be applied to commercial overhead steel doors, hinges and latches.

  • EZ Anchor
  • EZ Anchors from Ramset range from the lite pack, plastic pack and stud solvers. The EZ anchor installs anywhere on a wall, even if you hit a wood stud behind a drywall. The EZ anchor stud solver hangs up to 20 lbs and can be applied to blinds or curtains, decorative wall hangings, coat racks and bathroom accessories.

  • Tapcon Anchoring System
  • Reversible and removable, the Tapcon anchoring system can be installed close to the edge of concrete. They are recommended for use in ACQ pressure-treated lumber.

  • EZ-Toggle
  • The EZ Toggle Lock technology simplifies installation and hangs up to 100 lbs. They are very versatile and common for shelving, mirrors, mounting brackets, hanging planters and bulletin boards.

  • Tools, Loads and Pins
  • Ramset tools designed or frequent use providing professional fastening results in a variety of concrete, masonry or steel applications. Ramset Drive Pins are designed for fastening applications in concrete and steel. Ramset powder loads provide quality performance and the power to penetrate hollow block and concrete.

  • Red Head Anchoring System
Red Head Wedge Anchor systems and hammer sets are easy to install. They are also manufactured in different materials and plated differently to meet application requirements. The anchors available at Screwdoctor include Sleeve Anchors, Drop-in Anchors and Wedge Anchors. The Hammer Sets and Anchors from Ramset can be used in concrete, block or brick. They can also be installed quickly and can be applied to electrical boxes, conduit clips, drywall tracks and roof flashing.

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